The Man From Verona - Artwork

Behind the scenes...

Having been stuck for years in development hell with blockbuster movie projects struggling to be greenlit, writers Stacey Haber and David Hofberg asked themselves the question, What resources do we have at our disposal and what can we write and produce ourselves? The answer became The Man From Verona.

A black comedy with an affectionate nod to Hitchcock, it made its debut Off-Off-Broadway on 20 July 1995, directed by David, produced by Stacey and starring improv legend Silver Saundors Friedman.

The Man From Verona, Original Cast
Original Off-Off-Bradway cast. Back row: John O'Donnel, Paul Busso, Gretchen Hopkins, Rick Petrucelli, Silver Saundors, David Troy. Lying down: Melanie Mitchell. Front row: Anne Delano, Anthony Bradfield, Michelle Fix. In photograph over fireplace: Stacey Haber, David Hofberg.

Almost 18 years later, on 4 February 2013, it made its London debut at the Greenwich Theatre in a production by Vertical Line Theatre.

One way or another a movie version will be Coming Soon to a Screen Near You. But first..? Well, the years of development hell, of course..!


Stacey Haber
Stacey Haber (co-writer)

David Hofberg
David Hofberg (co-writer)